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A Marriage 41 Years in the Making

Dave O’Malley, the genius behind all of the marketing and branding at Vintage Wings, the man who has donated over 6,000 of volunteer time to Vintage Wings, the pen that writes most of the weekly articles you receive in your inbox, recently took the plunge and got married.

After a 41 year courtship (and a few marriages) Dave and Susan tied the …

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Monday Hangar Update

Mon, Mar 12, 2012

You know spring is in the air when the hangar doors do not remain tightly sealed against the bitter winds, but sit cracked open a few feet, allowing soft, warm breezes to percolate into Vintage Wings headquarters, flowing in and around the aircraft in various states of disrobement.

In a nutshell, here is the status of our aircraft:

F-86 – Waiting for ejection seat parts to arrive from Cold Lake, but other than that annual is almost done. Noise making (run-up) scheduled for tomorrow.

Spitfire Mk XVI – Currently sitting on jacks, without an engine. Spitfire …

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The Story Below High Flight

Adapted from “High Flight: The story of John Gillespie Magee” by Richard P. Bentham, from the Summer 1996 edition of the Journal of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society, Vol. 34 No. 2.

All photos from the public domain.

“Nothing that John Magee was involved in was ordinary,” wrote R.P. Bentham.


“John Magee had ties with the United States, England, …

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(English) It’s the Harvard’s Turn


By B.ReidAs the winter progresses, the annual inspections at Vintage Wings of Canada progress. One by one, the aircraft are taken apart to a certain extent and looked over in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and government directives for any evidence of deterioration.Overall, the aircraft, which flew extensively, last year across Canada on the Yellow Wings program, was in very good shape with one exception. One of the cylinders in the Pratt & Whitney R-1340 engine is in need of replacement. Of the five Yellow training aircraft in the Vintage Wings collection, the Harvard is easily the most …

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